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New Beginnings

January 05, 2021
By Diana Schmidt

What do you want to do differently this year? I am so grateful that we follow a God who is all about second, third, fifth and twentieth chances. And I know I could use a bit of a restart in the new year.

I’m sure I don’t even need to reference all the stress of 2020, but here goes: No matter what you’ve faced this year, God is ready and waiting to help you make a fresh start. Whether you need help healing from loss or you’re trying to get a new career off the ground, He can help you move forward. Know that I’m praying for healing for you and all of the HCS family this week. Whether you’ve faced loss of loved ones, opportunities or just normal life.

May God bless our country, community & HCS family in 2021.

God’s Blessings,

Diana Schmidt