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Principally Speaking

Welcome to Principally Speaking! My name is Mrs. Diana Schmidt and I am the Principal at Hanford Christian School. We hope this blog serves to educate you on the importance of Christian Education as well as the happenings around our campus. Welcome!

Please allow me to share some background on Hanford Christian School so you can get to know us better. Hanford Christian School is a K-8 interdenominational school located in the Central Valley of California. Founded by local parents in 1944, HCS operates under the governances of the Hanford Christian Society for Christian Instruction, in which membership is open to interested parents who affirm the school’s mission statement. More than 31 different churches are represented within the HCS student body.

The school’s mission, “To educate, equip and inspire every student for Christian service in the world,” is used as a measure for decisions that impact the direction of the school. HCS has administration, faculty/staff, board members and parents who value and are committed to a 100% Christ-centered approach to learning. Students who attend HCS are raised by committed Christ following parents who have a strong church membership with a local church. We feel it is important that our students feel the love of Christ at home and at school.

Academic excellence is a commitment and focus for Hanford Christian School. Teachers and faculty have worked hard on refining curriculum standards that align with viable curriculum. HCS faculty and staff are involved in professional development as an ongoing support of academic excellence.

Hanford Christian School is committed to Christ-centered education and the teaching of God’s truth. Faculty is committed to providing a high-quality program of rigorous academics and diverse co-curricular opportunities. Our teachers have a passion for excellence and their example has an impact in the lives of HCS students and families.

We look forward to sharing more about our school and Christian Education on Principally Speaking. Stay tuned for updates and more blog posts.


God’s Blessings,

Mrs. Schmidt