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Helping parents to train up their children...

Principal's message

Welcome to Hanford Christian School's website. As you peruse this website, we hope that you will get a glimpse of our excellent grades K-8 Christian school whose foundation is the Word of God and approaches education through a distinctively Reformed Christian Worldview. We have served the Central Valley of California for the past 73 years through an educational package that challenges students physically, academically, and spiritually. As a parent-controlled private Christian school, we along with our parents present a "united front" to the children because we share the same core belief that God is sovereign and Christ is at the center of all our teachings. In this way, we form a triangle of church, home, and school.

We are pleased and humbled when parents entrust their children to our care. We take this trust seriously and seek to help the parents train up their children in the knowledge of the Lord, create in the student a desire for lifelong learning and a realization that they need to be seeking God in all that they do.

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