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The Blessing of the Advent Season

December 01, 2020
By Diana Schmidt

Did you know that variations of the word “blessing” are used over 400 times in the Bible? It’s a powerful word, and one that’s used a few different ways. A “blessing” implies a one-time event, an action, but “blessed” implies a state of being. It’s not that a person was blessed once, end of story. Someone or something that has been blessed is always blessed.

Talk of blessing is perfect for the first week of Advent too. Yesterday was the first day of Advent - the day we lit the candle of hope. And our hope is as consistent as the Lord’s blessings in our lives. What a wonder.

How has the Lord blessed you? And how are you living in that blessing? There are so many ways to answer those two questions, but I hope they inspire you to count your blessings and then act on them.

"From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so." 

James 3:10

Advent is a special time for connecting with our children too. A good tradition to start as a family is to read a chapter of Luke every night. There are 24 chapters so it’s a perfect time to read about the life of Jesus throughout the month. 

God’s Blessings,

Mrs. Schmidt