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Preschool is Preschool

Admittedly the prospect of opening our Preschool again in August created a whole host of questions for me.  The one question that I kept asking was “What is Preschool in a Pandemic?' After days, weeks, months of overthinking, the answer came to me. Preschool is Preschool.

Preschool is, singing, dancing, playing, socializing, exploring, counting, measuring, praying, drawing, running, laughing, and learning.  For the children, preschool is preschool.  Of course, we adults in preschool have a fair share of extra responsibilities in our quest to keep everyone safe.  We may go through an absurd amount of Lysol, sanitizing wipes, sanitizers, and gloves but, truth be told, those things have always been part of our preschool life.  

The world may seem to have changed around us, but our children thankfully have not.  So Hanford Christian Preschool will strive to do what we do. We sing, we pray, we dance, we explore, we pray.  We do preschool.  Rain or shine, pandemic or no pandemic...preschool is preschool.


Ms. Robinson

Did You Know?!


  • Did you know each of our Preschoolers receive their very own Bible & Bible journal! 
  • Did you know our Preschoolers have the best moves?! Dancing helps the right brain and the left brain communicate and that is a big step for reading!
  • Did you know Hanford Christian Preschool is operating a "Drive and Drop?" Parents check their kids in from the comfort of their cars. Check-in and COVID screenings are just scan and go with your cell phone!
  • Did you know Hanford Christian Preschool is committed to providing quality Christian education for military families? Children's literacy, prayer and multiple forms of communication are used to support families through deployment & transitions that are unique to the military community
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