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Technology at Hanford Christian School

Hanford Christian School believes that equipping students with the necessary tools and skills for the 21st century will allow them to make the greatest impact for God’s kingdom. Technology has been rapidly evolving, being almost essential to everyday living. Hanford Christian’s goal is to prepare students for their future, building a foundation in technology with a Christ-centered approach.

Hanford Christian utilizes a variety of tools from kindergarten through eighth grade. Students in grades K-5 have access to a computer lab outfitted with Chromeboxes. Lower elementary students learn foundational skills. Middle elementary students reinforce those foundational skills while learning about digital citizenship, critical thinking and research skills, and a variety of tools to demonstrate learning. In junior high, each student receives a Chromebook that is taken to each class and home. These students use their Chromebooks daily for completing assignments, researching, or studying. They also learn more advanced skills, such as video editing, computer programming, and yearbook design.

Kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms are equipped with an interactive projector. Teachers use this tool to engage students with a lesson by having the students interact with the technology.

All students and  parents/legal guardians must read through and agree to comply to Hanford Christian's Acceptable Use Policy. If you have any questions regarding technology at HCS, please first read through the Frequently Asked Questions. Any further questions can be directed towards the technology administrator.

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