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Welcome to the Bridge!

Hello!  My name is Jeanne Bommelje and I am the Director of Student Support and Intervention at Hanford Christian School.  I have been teaching for over 30 years and am currently teaching part-time in the "Bridge" at Hanford Christian.  I grew up in Hanford and attended Hanford Christian from 1st -8th grade many years ago.  It is a real privilege to be able to teach at my alma mater.  

Vision Statement

  • Hanford Christian School’s Student Support Department’s vision is to be an instructional area where students who are experiencing difficulty in the general education curriculum will be able to learn according to their particular strengths and interests.

  • Teachers will recognize their responsibility to understand the unique nature of each student and promote his or her dignity.  Students will be provided with Academic Support Plans, with alternative programs, or accommodations within the general education curriculum so that each student will be able to reach his or her God-given potential.

Purpose Statement

Hanford Christian School’s Student Support Services Department’s purpose is to provide:

  • Students with alternatives to the general education program.
  • Teachers with information on how to better support and educate students with learning difficulties.
  • Information and support to parents.