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What is Preschool

Preschool is Preschool


Admittedly the prospect of opening our Preschool again in August created a whole host of questions for me.  The one question that I kept asking was “What is Preschool in a Pandemic?' After days, weeks, months of overthinking, the answer came to me. Preschool is Preschool.

Preschool is, singing, dancing, playing, socializing, exploring, counting, measuring, praying, drawing, running, laughing, and learning.  For the children, preschool is preschool.  Of course, we adults in preschool have a fair share of extra responsibilities in our quest to keep everyone safe.  We may go through an absurd amount of Lysol, sanitizing wipes, sanitizers, and gloves but, truth be told, those things have always been part of our preschool life.  

The world may seem to have changed around us but our children thankfully have not.  So Hanford Christian Preschool will strive to do what we do. We sing, we pray, we dance, we explore, we pray.  We do preschool.  Rain or shine, pandemic or no pandemic...preschool is preschool.


Ms. Robinson

Preschool Director




Big Bibles for Little Hands

Each child at Hanford Christian Preschool receives their own Bible as part of our commitment to establish a foundation of faith We empower our youngest ministers with the word of God through daily Bible stories, prayer, and worship.  Each child journals their way through the Bible so that their family has an intimate view of their path through God's word.


What Did You Do

At School Today?





What did you do at school today? 
I played.
Did you have fun?
Did you learn anything?
Don’t know.


If you are a parent this conversation or one much like it has occurred nearly daily. Your information seeking mission to hear all of the values of preschool, the incursions with social relationships, the calculations of math, the mastery over phonetics and victory over writing letters with perfect pencil grasp feels like you were met with an agent skilled in keeping federal secrets.  But here is the secret: They did play.


Well, at least that is what they thought they did.  A successful day at preschool is about tapping into the natural curiosity and drive that God imbedded in each child.  Playdo for them is just play, for us it is the path to strengthening all those tiny muscles in the fingers for less labored writing.


Dancing, wiggling, crawling, skipping, all a ploy to develop neuro-connections between the right brain and left brain for future ease of reading.


Did your child act out at school today leaving you mortified by bad behavior? Perfect! We got to help him/her sort out what the problem was, articulate their needs, problem solve with peers, use more appropriate calming techniques under internal stress.


Did they bring home a “masterpiece” a partially ripped paper smeared in all the rainbow shades of color to make the perfect shade of well, poo? Awesome, they calmed their central nervous system with smooth strokes of colors oozing between their fingers and paper.  Their scientific brain watched as red met blue and made purple. Purple met green and made brown.  Each stroke erased the varying shades until they were muted to one shade of brown on a soggy paper.  Now, we learn patience as we wait for our “Masterpiece” to dry so that we can show Mom and Dad.


Classroom building blocks enabled them to communicate, compromise, create, problem solve, develop reasoning skills and cause/effect relationships.  Have you ever tried to talk a 3 year old into doing something that it wasn’t in their mind to do? Try being three yourself and explaining that you want to build a robot using the blocks that the other three year old has!


So let me tell you what your child did at school today.

They experienced a multitude of moments that developed their sense of self.  They conquered new small things that will give them the confidence to conquer big things.  They learned they are special and valued in God’s eyes (Teacher’s too).  They learned how to communicate, self regulate, recover from a fallen block tower with a better design and a can-do attitude.


They will come home with some papers with their names on them, some letters written either with hesitancy or perfection, some cute little crafts, some random art masterpieces, but more importantly, they will come home with a sense of who they are and what they can do on their path to becoming authentically who they were created to be.

But that is our secret, definitely do not tell them that.

At Hanford Christian Preschool we spend our days singing, dancing, praying and praising.  Our multidimensional approach to learning includes art, science, music, math, writing, social growth and spiritual growth.  We are excited to have new partnerships across campus as we begin art mentorships with 7th and 8th graders and music with the Kindergarten department.  Our highly qualified staff are consistently involved in Professional development and workshops to offer the best classroom experiences based on the newest science and research in our field.



Chapel Praise and Worship

A Note From the Director



Howdy and social distant hugs from my little corner of the world at Hanford Christian Preschool.  I am first and foremost excited to embark on another year of growth at Hanford Christian Preschool.  Last year we ended our year with a flop. Our quick closure in March left us longing for kids to once again laugh in the walls of our classrooms.  The staff and I took the opportunity to utilize our time out of the classroom to make us better in the classroom.  We engaged in professional growth and development, refined our craft, and explored who we truly want to be as a ministry and educational program.  So here we are. We have strategized our re-opening with the Kings County Health Department and Community Care Licensing.  We completed additional training including, CPR, First Aid, AED EMSA certification, Covid 19 training with the Health department, training on the proper use of germicides through the California Department of  Pesticide Regulation, and Contact Tracing  Coursework through Johns Hopkins University. There are lots of new changes around here that revolve around mitigation strategies developed for our kids' safety.  In many ways our day looks quite different from the days of the past in preschool but, some things won't ever change.  Teachers and children still dance, laugh, play, sing, and pray.  We are still committed to a warm and loving environment.  We are still committed to sharing our love of Jesus and Jesus' love for us.  Thank you for allowing us to continue our ministry to your family.  We look forward to a year full of new adventures

                                                                                                                                                         Many Blessings,

                                                                                                                                                         Ms. Robinson






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