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Little Lambs Newsletter Week of Oct. 26-30



Our last week of October is here already. We continue to enjoy the cooler weather and the crisp air of autumn.

Our learning theme for this week is "All About Pumpkins." We will do various art projects with the pumpkin in mind: pumpkin cookie cutter painting, tissue paper pumpkins, pumpkin shape finger painting, and crafting what the inside of a pumpkin looks like. We will also open up a real pumpkin and let the children explore the pumpkin "guts and seeds" so that they will have first-hand knowledge of the inside of a pumpkin. Our pumpkin math activities include matching pumpkin shapes, putting paper pumpkins in both numerical and size order, and counting pumpkin seeds to match various numerals.

All month we have been enjoying our playground full of pumpkins that Mrs. Dominguez was able to get donated for us. This Wednesday, October 28th each of the children will get to choose one of these pumpkins to bring home. We have thoroughly enjoyed having these pumpkins throughout the month, and we once again thank Mrs. Dominguez for going above and beyond to make this happen.

As you can see by the picture posted, we were so fortunate to have been able to watch baby chicks in the incubator about to hatch and then hatched! Thank you Mrs. Robinson for sharing such an amazing event of nature.

Please remember, this Friday, October 30th there is no school for the children. We wish you all a happy & safe week.

Mrs. Stanton