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Butterflies/Caterpillars November 15 - 19
Week 13
Class News

This is our last week before the holiday season begins. On Thursday and Friday, half-day students will be allowed to stay until 11:30 for "Friendsgiving" lunch. Each student will need to bring their own lunch. You will not need to worry about them having a lunch box for that day. Monday and Tuesday they will take home a paper bag to decorate. It will be their special bag to put their lunch in for Friendsgiving.

We have been practicing for our Christmas program. Butterflies and Caterpillars will not be singing together, so I've had to make some last-minute changes. I will be sending you the links to practice songs at home.

Assessments are almost complete for one class. We do not have a day off from school for conferences. Also, parent-teacher conferences will not be held face to face. You will receive a copy of your student's assessment, then we will either have a phone conversation or Zoom.

I hope I have covered everything. If not, I will send additional messages on Brightwheel. 

Ms. Brown

Dates to Remember

*November 18, 19 - Friendsgiving Lunch

*November 22- 26 - Thanksgiving Break

*December 1 - Early Dismissal 1:30 (Full day students)

*December 2 - Parents Club Meeting

*December 10 - Christmas Program filming