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Scrip - RaiseRight

Scrip fundraising is a no-selling program that enables families to raise money for HCS. Scrip is another way to pay for everyday purchases using ScripNow (digital gift cards) in place of cash, checks and credit cards. You purchase gift cards through HCS Scrip Program at face value. Our Scrip Coordinator, Marisa Atsma, orders those cards from Scrip Center at a reduced price. The difference is an instant rebate for HCS and HCS gives 50% of that rebate back towards your tuition or rebate check. It's really that simple! Rebates will be given four times a year (January 15th, April 15th, July 15th and October 15th). Orders will be placed each month in the first and third week of the month.


Mrs. Smith buys a $100 ScripNow for Old Navy. She pays for the card through PrestoPay. She prints it at home or keeps it on her phone by adding it to her mobile wallet. Old Navy offers a 14% rebate, which is split between the school and Mrs. Smith. The school receives a rebate of $7, and Mrs. Smith receives a $7 rebate applied to her child's tuition.


Want to order online?

1. Please contact the school office for the enrollment code (559-584-9207)

2. Go to the Shop with Scrip enrollment page 

3. After successfully entering the enrollment code, you will be prompted to register for your account. Additionally, you will be prompted to register for PrestoPay which links your bank account to a secure online payment program

4. Pay with PrestoPay to receive your ScripNow eCard in minutes at any time of day, or bring a check or cash to the HCS office

5. Print your ScripNow right from ShopWithScrip account and redeem it at a store or enter the eCard for online purchases


If you do not have a child enrolled at HCS or would like your rebate to be used as a credit to another family’s tuition account, cash back to you, and/or a gift to the school, please fill out the Scrip Program Agreement form. Copies are also available in the office. 

If you prefer to fill out a hard copy order form, they are available in the HCS office. Please call or text Marisa Atsma at 559-280-9095 with any questions.