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What To Ask When Considering a Christian School

July 26, 2021
By Diana Schmidt

If you or someone you know is considering a Christian school, the following are questions I recommend you ask the Principal and staff.


School exists first and foremost to educate your child. What are the school’s test scores? How do they measure up to state standards? Does the school have special programs for students with learning disabilities? If your child were to fall behind in class, how would the school handle it? These are all very important questions to ask any school you are considering for your child. We strongly believe our purpose is to educate students. What makes HCS unique is we also “equip and inspire your child to serve the world for Christ.” HCS has a 19:1 student/teacher ratio. This allows teachers to quickly and easily identify specific learning disabilities and challenges. At HCS we are blessed with a Resource Specialist who assists students to learn according to their particular strengths and interests.

Mission Statement:

What is the mission of the school? This is what makes the school unique and why the school exists! The mission at HCS is “To educate, equip and inspire every student to serve the world for Christ.” You can see this woven throughout our school and in everything we do. Ask the school you are considering for specific examples of how they are living out their mission statement. 

Re-Enrollment Rate

What is the re-enrollment rate? This is a great way to see current parents' satisfaction with the school! We have been richly blessed with a 99% re-enrollment rate at our school for next school year. And an incredible exponential growth in our preschool. Some years our re-enrollment rate fluctuates due to pastoral and military families moving in and out of the area. If you’re not happy with any school’s re-enrollment rate, ask more questions, and take into account how some families may have to move.

Teacher Retention

Along the same lines as re-enrollment, what is the teacher’s retention rate at the school? The turn-over rate can be a good insight into the health of the school as well. I, myself, taught Kindergarten at HCS for 15 years before stepping into the role of Principal. My love for HCS and Christian education runs deep. We have multiple teachers that have taught at HCS for many years. One teacher taught here for over 40 years!

Wherever you send your child to be educated is important and all parents deserve to be well informed. My prayer is that these questions can help assist you to ask the necessary questions when considering any school for your child!


"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

-Proverbs 22:6

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