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Academic excellence is a commitment and focus for our Kindergarten classes. Our teachers, Mrs. Lehrman and Mrs. Anderson, worked hard on refining curriculum standards that align with a viable curriculum. Hanford Christian School is committed to Christ-centered education and the teaching of God’s truth. Faculty is committed to providing a high-quality program of rigorous academics and diverse co-curricular opportunities. Our teachers have a passion for excellence and their example has an impact on the lives of HCS students and families. All HCS faculty and staff are involved in professional development as ongoing support of academic excellence.

Math: Throughout the year, students grow in understanding of counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10s as well as build upon their knowledge on word problems that deal with adding and subtracting.

Science: Students discover more about God’s world through farm field trips, medical professionals speaking to the class, and learning how to recycle. Students also learn how to grow plants and how the weather affects seasonal changes. Students also explore facts and details of the ocean, insects and how magnets work.

Reading: Throughout the year students build upon our knowledge of sight words, CVC words and sounding out words. Students learn how to use pictures, letters, and the context when reading. Students also study letter sounds as well and how to write in complete sentences.

Bible: Students learn many parables, study the Old Testament, and Jesus’ life, as well as how to be disciplined and how to disciple as young believers through the fruits of the spirit.

PE: The Kindergarten class focuses on learning the rules of how to play soccer and basketball. We also have a lot of fun playing line tag, learning how to be more accurate with throwing and catching, as well as practice for the Pee Wee track meet and running for twenty minutes to promote healthy lifestyles.

Social Studies: students learn about the family structure and Native American history

We have daily sing-a-long songs that teach us about the days of the week, the dates, the months as well as morning songs to get us ready to learn.