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Preschool Director


To operate an effective child preschool program which adheres to sound educational principles, complies with regulations outlined by Title 22 and Hanford Christian Preschool beliefs and principles. The director is to maintain a Christ-centered environment that is reflective of Hanford Christian School Society’s Christian values.

Nature and Scope: 

Independently ensures that all duties that are performed by staff are well defined by policy, procedure and mandated regulations. To provide instructional leadership for preschool staff, organize staff schedules, approve curriculum, provide professional development and safety training. The director, in partnership with Hanford Christian School administration, is responsible for hiring and termination of staff in order to fit the program’s student/teacher ratio and program quality standards.


Approve Lesson Plans and provide lesson plan support and training where appropriate to ensure accordance with Title 22 and Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scales
Provide instructional materials. Stock adequate inventory of supplies and materials.
Maintain attendance records, staff records, student records, immunization reports and other records pursuant to Title 22, the local health department and other governing entities.
Supervise and provide assignments to all staff in order to maintain an effective, safe preschool environment.
Establish policies and procedures that align with Title 22, promote facility organization and ensure staff/student safety.
Provide a positive environment to develop maximum, emotional, spiritual and professional growth of all preschool staff.
Institute a plan for teacher absences and substitute placement to maintain student/teacher ratio. Substitute in classrooms as needed.
Help to establish a working preschool budget, set preschool tuition rates and schedules.
Provide a quarterly report to Hanford Christian School Society Board.
Maintain open effective home-school communication. Provide support for Parent Teacher Conferences that might require additional assessments or referrals and provide resources for teachers and families.
Hire and train new staff where needed to maintain child/teacher ratios and provide adequate breaks for staff in collaboration with the school administrator.
Provide on a regular basis in professional growth and development opportunities.
Responsible for the compliance of regulation and communication with the licensing agency to correct deficiencies that constitute immediate threats to children’s health and safety.
Organize all staff meetings and in-service training, Encourage collaboration with team members and plan special events for Hanford Christian Preschool.
Attend and engage in occasional parent participation events and other events that may be on nights.
Coordinate meal services and monthly meal calendars that comply with state nutritional and health standards.
Respect the children’s rights to privacy within the facility setting, abide by Parent’s rights and Personal Rights as listed on Lic 613A and Lic 995.
Responsible to ensure the cleanliness, arrangement, appearance, organization and learning environment of the facility.
Train, practice and document evacuation and emergency procedure plans based on emergency preparedness training.
Maintaining all safety standards, licensing regulations, teacher/child ratios and proper supervision of children at all times in accordance with Title 22.

Minimum Qualifications: 

Must be at least 25 years of age
Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
Must have four years teaching experience in a licensed childcare center or comparable group child care program.
Must have 15 Units of courses that cover general areas of child growth and development or human growth and development:
Child Family Community
Child Development
Early Childhood Practices or Curriculum Coursework
Administrative or Staff Relations Coursework
Or meet the alternative 101215.1. Child Care Center Director Qualifications and Duties.
Pediatric first aid and CPR current
Federal and State fingerprint/background clearance
TB test given no later than a year from date of employment
Proof of MMR vaccination
Physical exam taken no later than a year from date of hire
Provide documentation of yearly flu inoculation or flu exemption document
Complete Mandated Reporter Training in compliance with licensing regulation every two years.
Preventative Health Practices Certification (16 hours)
Provide documentation of yearly flu inoculation or flu exemption document
Must have active attendance in a Bible believing church
This job description is not a contract for employment. Duties may be changed at the board’s discretion. The Director is expected to perform duties as assigned within the scope of his/her job with a positive and professional demeanor that is reflective of our Christian values.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $50,500.00 - $63,500.00 per year


Dental insurance
Health insurance
Paid time off
Professional development assistance
Tuition reimbursement


8 hour shift
Monday to Friday
COVID-19 considerations:
All employees must stay home if sick, and they must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to work.


Associate (Required)


Classroom: 3 years (Required)
Work Location: One location

Please include your resume and transcripts with the application below.

Preschool Teacher
Hanford Christian Preschool is seeking an Associate Preschool Teacher to join our team!
  • Six months of experience in a preschool or daycare setting
  • 12 units in Child Development or Early Childhood Education
  • Pediatric first aid and CPR certification
  • Federal/DOJ Background Clearance
  • TB Test
This position is 6-7 hours daily. Please include your resume and transcripts with the application below. 


Instructions for Job Applicants

Application for Position