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Kindergarten through Fifth Grade


Academic excellence is a commitment and focus for Hanford Christian School. Teachers and faculty continually work hard on refining curriculum standards that align with a viable curriculum.

We teach science to learn the practical knowledge of the world around us, recognizing God as the Creator who made everything with a purpose. Through extensive content study, STEM application, and innovation, HCS students recognize the growing complexity of the world in which we live and are driven not by what they know but by what they can do with what they know to impact their future for God’s glory.         

HCS is most fortunate to have a technology-rich environment in which to teach. Each classroom is equipped with a SMART Board, wireless capabilities, and chrome books. With the use of technology, students are able to apply knowledge and skills and demonstrate ongoing growth in the classroom and beyond. Teachers also employ a variety of differentiated strategies in order to meet the needs of all learners.

Hanford Christian School’s programming, curriculum, and learning experiences at each grade level provide all students with challenging and equitable opportunities to develop learning skills, thinking skills and life skills. We believe the teacher-student relationship is the most powerful variable for learning success.  HCS teachers are diligent not just to know about their students, but to understand each child’s strengths, weaknesses, and aptitude for learning, so they can address specific learning needs and work towards what is best for academic success.

Hanford Christian School is committed to Christ-centered education and the teaching of God’s truth. The faculty is committed to providing a high-quality program of rigorous academics and diverse co-curricular opportunities. Our teachers have a passion for excellence and their example has an impact on the lives of HCS students and families. HCS faculty and staff are involved in professional development as an ongoing support of academic excellence.

We invite you to learn more about HCS Elementary School! You may contact or call (559) 584-9207. It is our pleasure to offer personal tours of our campus throughout the year. Stop by and meet our wonderful teachers!    

Elementary Faculty

  Name Title
Joanna Banta Banta, Joanna Performing Arts Director
Catia Bok Bok, Catia 5th Grade Teacher
Jeanne Bommelje Bommelje, Jeanne Resource Specialist
Hannah Bos Bos, Hannah 4th Grade Teacher
Jasmine Contente Contente, Jasmine Kindergarten Aide
Barbara Dossenback Dossenback, Barbara K-4 Spanish Teacher
Caleb Flores Flores, Caleb Athletics Director/ 8th Homeroom-Math/ Jr High History/ 5th-8th Phys Ed
Erin Gonzalez Gonzalez, Erin Kindergarten Aide
Sierra Hilyard Hilyard, Sierra 1st Grade Aide
Dena Holden Holden, Dena Tuesday Librarian
Rebecca Imrich Imrich, Rebecca 3rd Grade Teacher
Jane Kitson Kitson, Jane Assistant Resource Specialist/ Jr High Aide
Hannah Lehrman Lehrman, Hannah 2nd Grade Teacher
Kaylee Merritt Merritt, Kaylee 4th Grade Teacher
Beth Morse Morse, Beth Kindergarten Teacher
Lauren Pares Pares, Lauren 2nd Grade Aide
Sarah Quesada Quesada, Sarah 5th Grade Teacher
Leah Saldana Saldana, Leah Kindergarten Teacher
Brittany Sheldon Sheldon, Brittany 1st Grade Teacher
Sarah Swett Swett, Sarah 1st Grade Teacher
Lynette Van Der Kooi Van Der Kooi, Lynette Thursday Librarian
Jodi Vanderham Vanderham, Jodi Art Teacher
LuJean Verhoeven Verhoeven, LuJean 3rd Grade Teacher
Ashlyn Walker Walker, Ashlyn K-4 Phys Ed/ K-5 Computer Teacher
Jordyn Woudstra Woudstra, Jordyn 2nd Grade Teacher