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Welcome To Principally Speaking

August 27, 2018
By Mrs. Schmidt

We are so excited you are here. We look forward to educating, training and equipping our students for Christian service in God's world during the 2018-2019 school year.

Shortly, the gleaming classrooms of Hanford Christian School will be filled with footsteps, the lockers with books and students and teachers alike will be learning their new routines and roles. But, this week is the last week before the students arrive; the last week of adding the finishing touches to bulletin boards and lesson plans. The new annual theme, Living, Loving Serving, Building Citizens of the Kingdom, is on the wall. We’re ready!

While walking through the buildings before the ensuing bustle, an intense gratefulness settles in. Needs that were unmet just weeks ago are now products being finished. The new playground, landscaping, cleaning, and painting, have all been completed in time for students arrival because people responded to the call.

The gifts range from time to talent, from financial to practical. The size or value of each gift is not the focus. What is humbling and amazing is what God can do when each part contributes what He has laid on each heart to give.

As we enter this new school year, we want to thank the Giver of all good gifts for His provision. And we want to thank all of those who have given of their time, talent, and treasure to see the mission of Hanford Christian School go forth.

God's Blessings,

Mrs. Schmidt


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