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At Hanford Christian Preschool we spend our days singing, dancing, praying and praising.  Our multidimensional approach to learning includes art, science, music, math, writing, social growth and spiritual growth.  We are excited to have new partnerships across campus as we begin art mentorships with 7th and 8th graders and music with the Kindergarten department.  Our highly qualified staff are consistently involved in Professional development and workshops to offer the best classroom experiences based on the newest science and research in our field.



Chapel Praise and Worship

A Note From the Director

Howdy from Hanford Christian Preschool Department!  I am excited to come on board this year.  Though new to the campus, I am a veteran of teaching and loving preschoolers for over 16 years now.  I have previously enjoyed, owning and operating my own private preschool and toddler facility for 13 years,  teaching community art lessons and volunteering my talents for local organizations.  I have established lifelong relationships with many of the families in my care.  I look forward to making new connections with you as we journey through your child's first steps into a lifelong pursuit of quality education and development.